Wooden blinds finest quality natural materials and attractive finishing components create a comfortable atmosphere of casual elegance and simple sophistication. Natural patterns and shades on the wood and bamboo add a touch of nature to any interior.

Tradition and modernity

A wide colour range and their practicality make horizontal blinds an exciting decorative element. An interesting type of wooden blind is the Retro blind, whose mechanism and stylish finish are a tribute to the blinds crafted at the beginning of XX century.

Key benefits:

  • control over the amount of light coming to the room without raising the blind
  • free air circulation
  • finest quality natural materials and finishing components
  • a perfect match for curtains
  • practicality and smooth operation

Samples of wooden slats

Type of horizontal blind unusual shapes non-invasive mounting
system – optional
electric control
– optional
wooden 25 mm * *
wooden 50 mm * *  *
wooden 70 mm
Venus bamboo 25 mm
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