Roller blinds with side channels. Side channels and the cassette allow light transmission to be reduced to a minimum.

Freedom of design

The self-locking mechanism guides the fabric even when the window is in the tilted positions.
A wide range of colours, patterns, accessories and laminates enables you to enjoy creative freedom.
A small cassette allows a maximum opening angle, making it possible to use the blinds in franc doors.

Samples of roller blinds fabrics

Key benefits

  • control system allows raising and lowering of the blind to the desired height
  • the blind ca be mounted on all types of windows (wooden, aluminium, PCV)
  • the bottom bar creates an ideal amount of tension on the fabric, even in tilted windows
  • side channels keep the fabric close to the window pane, even in tilt windows
Type of blind non-invasive mounting
system – optional
C-Type side channels
– optional
Fantasia Premium
/ roller blind for roof windows
Fantasia Lux, Mini Lux * *
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