Pleated blinds are one of our more innovative solutions, they make it possible to cover the chosen part of the window, if necessary leaving it’s upper and or bottom parts uncovered.

Unusual shapes

Plated blinds come in various shapes- from the standard ones to polygons, irregular triangles, circles and oval shapes. Their versatility makes them suitable for all tapes of windows including skylights, conservatories and special glass roof structures.

Key benefits:

  • when raised, the blind does not stand in the way of light coming through the widow
  • implementation of new, interesting solutions (eg. 2 different types of fabric in one product)
  • control system which allows raising and lowering of the blind to the desired height
  • smooth operation

Samples of pleated blinds fabrics

Type of pleated blind unusual shapes non-invasive mounting
system – optional
electric control
– optional
VS / handle control * *
F / cord operated * *  *
DF i DF Comfort / roof windows  *
PL / winter gardens  *  *   *  *
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