Day Night roller blinds combines the function of a blind, a roller-blind , a curtain and a screen, enabling the user to exercise total control over the amount of light entering the room, without ever lifting the blind.

Universal sun protection system

Day Night roller blinds work by overlapping transparent and non-transparent strips of fabric so that can manage of light entering the room. When operating the blind the user moves the strips ; when two-non-transparent and transparent- strips overlap, the blackout effect is achieved. This type of blind is universal and fits all types of windovs.

Key benefit

  • venetian and roller blind combined into one product
  • control over the amount of light coming into the room
  • operating ball chain and rotating fabric weight enabling smooth operation
  • attractive range of fabrics and colour-coordinated accessories

Samples of day night roller blinds fabrics

Type of Impression
roller blind
roller blind
roller blind
in a cassette
roller blind in a cassette
with side-channels
mounting system
electric control
– optional
Impression Mini * *
Impression * * *
Impression Classy * *
Impression Typ 18 / Typ 32 * *
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