Aluminium blinds protect room against heat and allow ample air circulation. They also make it easy to hide from prying eyes while still allowing the desired amount of light to come through. The blinds can drown totally or partially.

Unique ambiance

A wide colour range, easy operation and durability of horizontal blinds make them an interesting decorative element for windows and interiors. The blinds will beautifully complement curtains, at the same time protecting them from yellowing and bleaching. A further option is Light Less system which darkness the interior with a specially perforated aluminium tape.

Key benefits:

  • protecting against excessive heat and UV radiation
  • free air circulation
  • control over the amount of light entering the room without lifting the blinds
  • good quality materials ensuring high durabability
  • practicality and comfort

Samples of aluminium blinds

Type of horizontal blind unusual shapes non-invasive mounting system – optional electric control – optional
horizontal blind 16 mm * *  *
horizontal blind 25 mm * *  *
horizontal blind 50 mm * *  *
Venus horizontal blind / Venus Standard 25 mm
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